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Two Artist - Two Visions

Our Artistic Backgrounds


Douglas & Nora both knew the artistic path was their density  -  Douglas picked up the camera and never put it down while Nora finds creativy abounds through an assortment of mediums.

Determimed to peruse their calling in the visual arts  in their mid life they both returned to school to receive degrees in their respected fields. “ It was a lot of personal sacrifice but we knew their was no turning back - when we create we are the  most at home within ourselves.  To us there is no nothing  else  we  rather  do”   

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Two Diverse Mediums


Douglas cameras  have  been  his  constant  compain  for  the  past  forty  plus  years  recording  both  the his  public  and  private  worlds.   Proficient  in  a  wide  range  of  formats  his  work ranges  from  annalog  35  mm ,  instant  Polaroid  film , large  format  

8  x  10  to  digital  imagery.      

Nora ‘s  work  is  driven  by  idea’s  -    printmaking,  painting,  drawing ,  sculpture   and  ceramics.  -    Are  mediums  she ’ll  use  to  see  her  vision  through.   Her  current  work  mix  media  photographic   collages  and  painting  series  combine  a  variety  of  mediums.  

Inspiration from our Creative Muses


The  urban  environment  was  Douglas  inspiration  for  many  years. Liking  one of his favorite photographers Walker Evans - he captured the unique features of  Boston that reflected the people and  times.  Moving to small fishing town his camera lens now captured  the natural surroundings, gardens he and  Nora started growing , a slower paced life.

Nora   found  returning  to  the  country life  reminded her of her  childhood.  This fueled  her  passion  for  natural environment  flora  and  fona  which  is  reflected  in  her  paintings.  They  both  found  living  in  century old  New  England  town  full  of  antiques  and  the  unique artifacts  inspiration  for  their  work. 

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