Antique Glasses Collection, Douglas Cannon

Historical Art

Design team of Douglas & Nora Cannon

"We have found that museum shops and fund raising campaigns desire quintessential promotional pieces that speak eloquently about their special collection. At Cannon Fine Arts & Photography, we coordinate with your advertising team to design a unique promotional piece."

Unique photographic imagery from your museums collections

By Artist/Professional Photographer Douglas Cannon

A rare collection of glasses, a unique statue and a simple hoop skirt all become objects of art through Douglas Cannon’s photography lens. Using a variety of alternative photographic processes, Douglas produces stunning still life images from your museum collections. The images can become posters, art cards or a print series.

The benefits of booking a commission photograph

You’ll receive an original photographic work for sale or exhibition. Limited edition posters may be produced from the artwork for auctions, fund-raisers, sold to museum members and available through the museums shops. The copy right to reproduce the chosen image is included in the price of the project. For a project prospectus, pricing and arrange a site visit- please e-mail your contact name and number.

Historical Collages

Created by Nora Cannon

Telling stories of the past through contemporary mixed media collage

All historical museum collections have a special story to tell. They speak of the townspeople's valuable contributions as well as businesses and industries that have come and gone. They tell of the hard times endured and the good times shared. My mixed media collages visually tell these stories to your audience.

The historical collage starts with a scanned image from your museums collection. For each series your museum staff and I work together choosing the best images that represent your unique history. Back in my studio I combine these images with a variety of mixed media techniques, methods and materials to create unique works of art.

For a project prospectus, pricing and arrange a site visit- please e-mail your contact name and number.

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